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One of the biggest system sellers for Nintendo is Smash Brothers, we’ve all played it and most of us have child memories of sitting up late at night fighting that hand. Unfortunately for other platforms there hasn’t been anything like it, developers have tried with the closest being All Star Battle Royale on PS3/Vita, a game I feel didn’t get the love it maybe should have.

Now the team at Angry Mob Games are taking a shot with their latest title Brawlout, while it’s been on Steam and the Switch for a little while now it’s finally also come to the PS4 and the Xbox One. Is it worthy of being the multi-platform answer to Smash? Or is another failed attempt at capturing an audience unique to Nintendo?


The concept of a platform brawler is simple, select your fighter and take on your friends or the AI on unique stages across a static screen. Using the various platforms in the levels and your own unique abilities you either take them on with strategy pulling off combos or mash the buttons in a panic, hoping to be the last one standing. It’s one of the major aspects to this style fighter, while it’s got the left to right like a Street Fight or Killer Instinct, it’s also got the up and down aerial attacks along with the risk of falling off the edge adding a layer of strategy.

The modes here are limited, their is the simple campaign where your selected fighter goes through the ranks progressing up a ladder with each victory similar to what some fans would remember from Mortal Kombat. It’s a mode you can finish in under an hour, regardless of your skill level and beyond rinsing and repeating with each character offers nothing new, nothing unique and no replay ability after the first week.

The online fights, found with any combination of team Vs team while an interesting mode and one with potential. It’s also the one lacking a community, without an online community there is no online mode and Angry Mob Games haven’t’ given us any reason to make a great community and finding an online game is both tedious and frustrating.

Couch multiplayer, this is the mode that convinced me to buy this title (that’s right this wasn’t a free code, I paid for this!) Just like the glory days of gaming, sitting around all with a controller fighting on screen while having a laugh that’s what Brawlout offers. With AI to substitute a lack of couch buddies you can go a full 2v2, free for all or just go one on one with your partner. My non-gaming wife picked up the spare controller and played this with me for well over an hour and laughed along the way reminding me just how fun gaming can be.


The graphics are simple, the audio just as simple. While the art style is nice to look at the pace of the game means it really doesn’t matter in the long run. The same can be said for the audio, the background music is uninspiring but quickly drowned out by your couch buddies screaming at the TV or trying to distract you for the win. While it’s rare for me to say ‘forget about the graphics’ they truly don’t have any impact on the score, they aren’t choppy or rough they just do their job.


For all that this game lacks, it’s got the right price point to make it a worthy game night addition. If you’re a solo gamer, you’ll quickly be wanting a refund but all it takes is one night of drinks and gaming with mates all in the same house on the same screen and you’ll be thankful for the purchase. It’s such a hard game to score on the basis of this but when taking into consideration the useless modes available plus the few drunk moments of pleasure it’s a safe comfortable 2 Thumbs Up from the team at RTG.

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