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Anthem is a open-world, action-rpg, multi-player, shooter experience, developed by Reza Cloete and BioWare’s legendary, Edmonton studio and published to the world by Electronic Arts. Bioware plans to support the game with new content and updates long after its release. Saying “that after the launch it will be the start of a 10-year journey.


In a futuristic future humanity has been isolated behind the protective walls of Fort Tarsis from the harsh, relentless lands beyond it. AS a player you’ll assume the role of a Freelancer part of a faction dedicating there lives to protecting civilization as a whole. While traveling on land, in the air or under water to preserve the survival of the human species. To preserve humanity from a host of environmental dangers and host of threats. Coming March 2019 is Act 1 of the story-line, there will be 3 in total as far acknowledged each with its own story-line and I’m guessing events.

To combat these host of threats you will be equipped with iron man-like exosuits, called Javelins; 4 of them, which will bring these threats to its knees.

  • Ranger

It is a wicked, good all-rounder Javelin used for mid to ranged combat. Easy to use for beginners

  • Colossus

It is a monster, bullet sponge with powerful weaponry that’ll make you annihilate anything in your path. Intermediate users required but if u want a challenge give this a try.

  • Interceptor

Fast reflexes for getting in and out of close-combat whenever need, I personally call this the ninja class. And is my favourite soo far.

  • Storm

I have heard people calling it a space wizard support class, that will OP anything that comes in contact with it, protect your allies when needed, or decimate your enemies with area effect skills.

Any Javelin can heal a downed team mate, however depending on the type of Javelin you are using it can greatly affect the outcome of any situation..You can customize your colours to suit your personality, the way the javelin looks, customize the abilities of your javelin, the types of weaponry and create different type of builds on each class. Whether you want purely close-combat support or sit back from the comfort of your mountain and blast away, the sky is your limit.

Within this world a faction called the Freelancers seeks to eliminate the harsh struggles that this unfinished world created, whether it is missions, strongholds or free-roam, the choice is yours. Strongholds are like missions on steroids, they are a welcome difficulty change compared to missions with high rewards.

I have enjoyed the open-field feel to explore and to discover with my friends new places, new threats, secrets. If you feel it is getting too easy for you, increase the difficulty.


Anthem spares no expanse for brilliant graphics, amazing sound effects, easy to use talk dialogues. With a system that your choices impact your surrounding environment and how the npc communicate with you and the events that take place, you’ll always have something to do.

And don’t forget about the voice actors you will have no issue knowing where you have heard these voices before like names, Vik Sahay from Chuck as Matthias Erryl Sumner, Rochelle Neil from Death in Paradise as Faye, Nick Tarabay from Spartacus, Sarah Amini from the short-lived Scandal as well as other veterans from other games Sarah Elmaleh & Ray Chase.

Officially the games release is the 22nd Feb 2019 and will use the latest version of the game engine Frostbite, commonly known from the Battlefield series.


If you want a game that you can explore with your friends, beautiful graphics, challenging events, missions, well thought out storyline, huge vast open-world scenes, low loading times, than this is the game for you. The only Con I have noticed is to do with the lore, needs to be a way to tie it into the missions, rather than just a random find on the battlefield.

I have been following progress on Anthem for over a year now, so I’m very interested to see how it pans out, what choices they make with the community of players in mind, to better the outcome of the game… we can only watch and play. It is a must buy for me, and I will surely remember it 10 years from now. I would give this a 4.5 out of 5 thumbs. It is very high on my list of games I want to place all the time. It not perfect but it isn’t far off, the choice is how will the developers lead it into the future.

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