Price Check: Marvel’s Spiderman

The game millions have been waiting for has finally arrived, Marvels Spiderman has landed for the Playstation 4! But before you rush out to your closest retailer and grab it, check out the best prices we’ve found for you to pick it up today.

The Game
EB Games – $99.95
JB Hifi- $69
Big W- $69 or in a bundle for $79 with the Spiderman Homecoming Blu-Ray
Target- $69
Amazon- $69 (Delivered by Tuesday with Prime)
PSN- $99.95 (Digital only)

The Console
Big W- $529
Amazon – $549

Will Muscat

Will Muscat is an avid gamer and has been gaming for many years, from playing on an Amstrad that his dad found at the tip to his Xbox one now. Will enjoys plenty of variety in the games he plays and while he can be found in the world of Gears of War and Halo, he can also be found writing letters to RARE asking for another Jet Force Gemini.

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