Price Check: Shenmue I & II

With Shenmue I & II launching today, we’ve done a quick browse to find you the best price possible!

XBL- $49.95
PSN- $47.95
Steam- $36.70 (Converted from USD of 26.99)
Amazon- $45.72 (Plus postage)

EBGames- $49.95
JB Hifi- $49
Big W-

Seen it cheaper? let us know and we’ll add it to the list! For those who own multiple systems, Steam looks the best bet or if you’re a console gamer the PS4 just slips in as the cheaper digital price.

Will Muscat

Will Muscat is an avid gamer and has been gaming for many years, from playing on an Amstrad that his dad found at the tip to his Xbox one now. Will enjoys plenty of variety in the games he plays and while he can be found in the world of Gears of War and Halo, he can also be found writing letters to RARE asking for another Jet Force Gemini.

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