News: Streets of Rage 4 Announced!

As a massive SEGA fan who has owned every SEGA console, I love a good news story about anything SEGA related. So I am excited to reveal that one of the most iconic SEGA series, Streets of Rage is getting a sequel after all this time. Read the full press release below and watch the trailer!


Lizardcube (Wonder Boy: The Dragon Trap),  Guard Crush Games (Streets of Fury) and Dotemu today revealed Streets of Rage 4!

This title will be an all-new continuation of SEGA’s iconic arcade brawler series known for its radical fights, jammin’ ‘90s beats and dashing sparring gloves and bandanas.

Featuring hand-drawn visuals from the great team behind 2017’s gorgeous Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap remake, Streets of Rage 4 builds upon the classic trilogy’s gameplay with new mechanics, a fresh story and a gauntlet of dangerous stages with a serious crime problem.

To keep up to date on all things Streets of Rage 4, punch hard your keyboard until it types, go to and slice that follow button on Twitter @Dotemu, @Lizardcube and @Guard_Crush

We will keep you informed of any further information such as platforms and release dates as they come to hand. 

Craig Cirillo

Craig Cirillo is an avid gamer and has been gaming for many years, from back in the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64 days until now with his Xbox One S and PS4 Pro. Craig had ownership stakes in 2 previous websites, Gaming Obsession Australia and All Age Gaming. He enjoys all types of games with his particular favorites being the Gears of War series and the Street Fighter series.

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