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Later this month the Tokyo Game Show kicks off giving gamers another chance to catch titles they’ve missed as well as giving developers a chance to show a new title to the world. Konami have started their preparation for the event launching their TGS 2018 website along with a list of games they’ll be showcasing.

Click the image to head to their website!

While the 20th and 21st of September are the closed days set aside for media and business, the public will get their chance to check out some of the titles over the weekend with the 22nd and 23rd being open days. While the website is in mainly Japanese as one would expect for a show based in Tokyo, numerous sources have translated some of the content as well as a little bit of firefox translation brings us this list of expected titles.

Konami Titles

  • Dankira!!! Boys, Be Dancing! (iOS, Android) – Stage- Novelty
  • e-Baseball Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu League (e-Sports) – Stage, Tournament
  • HinaBita / BanMeshi (Streaming, Music CD)
  • Hyper Sports R (Switch) – Playable, Stage, Novelty
  • Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu (iOS, Android) – Stage, Tournament, Novelty
  • Love Plus Every (iOS, Android) – Playable, Novelty
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (iOS, Android) – Stage
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (PS4) – Playable, Stage, Tournament
  • Snake Pass (PS4, Switch,X1) – Playable
  • Super Bomberman R (PS4, Switch,X1) – Playable, Stage, Tournament, Novelty
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links (iOS, Android, PC) – Playable, Stage, Novelty

As well as the above Konami titles, there will be some partner titles including Fighting Ex Layer (PS4) and a new titles from Kogado Studio’s. For the most part this is a line up most English speaking gamers won’t care for however the inclusion of Snake Pass and Superbomber R, both established titles already released has me thinking we could be getting some new DLC. Sound off your thoughts in the comments, on our Twitter or over on our Facebook page as we count down to the TGS 2018.

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