Article: DC and Xbox, Would it work?

With all the hype surrounding the releases of Spiderman on Playstation, bundled with the few rumours I’ve noticed regarding a possible DC exclusive for the Xbox. It got me to thinking, could Microsoft partner with DC to take on Sony and Marvel and if so what characters could carry a game? Here are my not so ordinary suggestions, along with how I’d see them playing out.

Green Arrow

The Green Arrow could easily feel similar to Spiderman with the webs replaced by his arrows and movement around the city possible using them. Star City is in trouble and with the rest of the Justice League busy making movies, it’s on the Green Arrow to win this one alone. An open world title, with side missions popping up along the way it could easily turn into a 20hr title that gamers want to get that 100% on. The question is who would be the Villain? Follow the show and introduce DeathStroke or Damien Darhk? Or borrow from Batman and use Two-Face or Bane?

The Joker

Not a typical superhero story, I could picture The joker running in a similar method to PayDay. With the core of the game being centred around the Heath Ledger joker, other variations become unlockable and Co-Op becomes an option introducing friends to form a gang capable of taking over Gotham. Each building becomes an objective and as you plot your entry points and take over plan, the GCPD attempt to push you back with a new DC hero being the boss on each take over. Picture taking over a bank after executing the perfect plan, fending off wave after wave of GCPD before finally having someone like The Green Arrow or Nightwing give one final push to attempt to take back the bank. As you take over my buildings and your army grows, you occasionally fall back to a previous building and defend it as the GCPD tries to take it from under you. The final building? Wayne Manor.

Harvey Bullock

Thanks to the series Gotham, more people are now familiar with the name Harvey Bullock. The GCPD detective who understands that sometimes to defend the law you have to break the law. This is an opportunity to deliver a story driver experience without the need to work in controllable superpowers. Set after Bullock is dismissed from the force, you work out of his downtown office solving crimes and getting answers for Gotham’s citizens who don’t feel the GCPD can do what’s necessary. Meanwhile Bullock is fighting to clear his name and get back into the force. Interactions with Police Commissioner Gordan, run ins with Bruce Wayne and the ever present threat of villains blocking his cases. Can he solves the world’s problems, get his job back and stay alive all without powers?


How about a darker title, with a hint of demons and dark arts? Constantine is perfect for an R18 title that pushes the boundaries and keeps the gamer on the edge of their seats. I couldn’t see this one as an open world title but we don’t always need to explore, sometimes a good story, awesome cinematic and a tense setting is enough to draw any gamer in. The perfect topping would be having Matt Ryan voice Constantine with some of his original cast popping in to say hello.

While there are other mainstream characters who could also appear in a game and hold their own, I’d love to see a company take a risk with something a little out of the ordinary. A Flash, Superman or Batman game would no doubt draw in the sales but let’s face it, we’ve had a stack of Batman already and Superman/Flash would need to handle the speed issues correctly or they’d be impossible to play.

Drop your thoughts in the comments and let us know who you’d like to see.

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